Tianjin's chief jiaozi Garden

From the word of "the most distinguished seat" in Chinese!
Tianjin is the main food chain to promote the traditional Chinese food dumpling garden.
National food dumplings with 10 categories, a total of 100 kinds of dumplings, Shanghai World Guinness record, set the world's most! And with "thin skin and big stuffing, real material, open kitchen operation, package and cook now, 100 dumplings 100 flavor" five characteristics become the noble dumplings, can be called another unique in Tianjin!


August 2008

Mrs. Laura Bush, wife of the US president, visited Tianjin dumpling garden again

January 28, 2011

Gulou store opens

November 25, 2015

Polish President Anjie Duda dines in Xidan Restaurant

December 21, 2019

Fengshen lotus store opened
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